My own movie tip

sparrowhawk I see that the last post gave you some movie tips. The most important one seems to have been forgotten though: Tales from Earthsea.
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Try spending a week locked in an underground labyrinth...

sparrowhawk ...and we'll see how you feel. Me, I feel hungry.
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sparrowhawk Well, we all know sometimes there are days when we just feel tested. Today was one of those days - and I think I failed. TTYL.
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To kill or not to kill a dragon

sparrowhawk Recently, I met with a dragon. I killed a few of its children, yet it didn't attack me. I was unsure why, but realised that it was torn with grief. I felt sorry for it and let it live. It told me the name of my shadow. I didn't know shadows had names. Did you?.
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Sparrowhawk here...

sparrowhawk Hello.
My name is Sparrowhawk. Well, you can call me that. My real name is known to only a select few.I will check in and tell you about my adventures from time to time.

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