administrator I've recently heard from my co-writer Sparrowhawk that he's cooped up with the Master Namer in the tower and won't be able to blog for a few weeks. You know how those two get when they get their hands on some interesting books, they don't even stop reading in order to sleep...
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Movie tips

administrator My friend Sparrowhawk is recovering from one of his darn adventures again, so I thought I would share some movie tips with him to cheer him up - and so why not post them on this blog I thought? Here we go:

Spirited Away
Lord of the Rings (all three)
Donnie Darko
The Shawshank Redemption
Gosford Park

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Already this is one of the most frequently read blogs

administrator I have been informed by the excellent webmaster of this blog that it is already one of the most popular blogs in the history of the universe (and everything beyond).

I am blown away by the response of all my friends. I didn't know I had any friends at all, actually. But I guess people get to know you if you hang around login pages for a long time. To all of you: thank you!

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This is the second post, and all seems to be going well

administrator For a while now I, as admin, have wanted to move away from hanging around the login pages and instead try to actually create something. Together with my good friend Sparrowhawk (whose tales are told by the excellent Ursula K. LeGuin) I will venture into the winderness of blogging. Wish me luck!
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